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Geelvinck International Fortepiano Festival


Michael Tsalka

CD Releases

CD17 Alon Sariel & Michael TsalkaCD17 Bach in the White City
Works by J. S. Bach, Yehezkel Braun
Alon Sariel: Mandolin
Michael Tsalka: Piano
Price (within EU)=15 Euros

CD16  Lady Huang's Album, Music for one or two harpsichords.
New music from Australia and the Americas for one and two harpsichords. For those who love harpsichords and think they should have a life in the present, here is the CD for you. Harpsichordist Michael Tsalka has a world-wide reputation and well-known Australian harpsichordist Diana Weston both had many of the works dedicated to them. Recorded courtesy of Western Sydney University at the instigation of composer Diana Blom whose work lends its name to the CD.

1 Tilting at Windmills (May Howlett)
2 Variations on a Ground (Gabriele Toia)
3 Green Leaf for Elke (Elena Kats-Chernin)
4 Sonatine (Max Yount)
5 Lady Huang's Album (Diana Blom)
6 Crimson Rosella (Ann Carr-Boyd)
7 Tocatta (Leonardo Coral)
8 Underground Currents (Benjamin Thorn)
9 Capricho (Pablo Escande)

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CD15 DITTERSDORF Three Ovid Sonatas for Fortepiano, Four Hands.

James Tibbles and Michael Tsalka, Fortepianos
In 1781 Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf conceived a ground-breaking, multi-media project to compose and have published a series of fifteen symphonies based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Each symphony was to be graced by newly commissioned engravings and synopses. In the event, only six symphonies were published (and without engravings) and these are the only works from the set to survive in orchestral form. The works heard here are four-hand arrangements of three of the lost symphonies, possibly Dittersdorf’s attempt to salvage something from the project. These fascinating works juxtapose conventional structures with fluid, unconventional music transforming Ovid’s ‘tableaux’ into dramatic structures teeming with incident and wit.
Naxos 8573740

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DVD: Dancing in the Moonlight, Michael Tsalka Fortepiano at the Teatro Francesco Torti in Umbria

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CD13 Yehezkel Braun
Music for plucked instruments
Alon Sariel Mandolin


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RIES, F.: Romantic Variations, Fantasies and a Rondo

A celebrated student of Beethoven, virtuoso pianist Ferdinand Ries established an innovative technical approach to the interpretation of the fortepiano.
The decade he spent in London (1813–24) was his most successful. The majority of the variation sets, fantasies and rondos on this recording were composed then.
The emergence of the new square pianos created a hunger for domestic music-making and Ries responded with catchy variations on popular themes and technically challenging fantasias that gave full rein to his musical imagination.
 They add another dimension to the appreciation of the man Robert Schumann praised for his ‘remarkable originality’.

Paisiello in Vienna

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VANHAL, J.B.: 3 Neue Caprice-Sonaten, Op. 31 / 3 Caprices, Op. 36
One of the leading composers of the Classical and early Romantic eras, Vaňhal played a vital role in the development of Viennese music between 1750 and 1780. He composed prolifically in many genres, including a large number of quartets, symphonies, sacred works, vocal and instrumental works. Vaňhal was at his most inspirational and improvisational in his keyboard Capriccios composed in the 1780s, which are some of the most creative examples of the Viennese Classical style, not least in their almost symphonic force.

EAN Code: 9120040730994
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TÜRK, D.G.: Keyboard Sonatas, Collections 1 and 2 (1776-1777)
Daniel Gottlob Türk is best known for his influential pedagogical treatise Klavierschule (1789).
His 48 inventive and varied keyboard sonatas were influenced by Sonatas of other North German composers such as CPE Bach and JW Hässler.
The five historical keyboards employed in this recording reflect the diversity of the instruments available in Türk’s day.
The twelve sonatas encompassed in his first and second collections show how the composer’s sensitive, at times dramatic, oratorical style relates beautifully to the nuanced expressive capabilities of these instruments.

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TÜRK, D.G.: Easy Keyboard Sonatas, Collections 1 and 2 (1783)
Daniel Gottlob Türk is best known for his influential teaching manual Klavierschule (1789), a work which influenced a generation of aspiring keyboard players.
In order to advance the technical and musical skills of students, in 1783 Türk published two collections of light or easy keyboard sonatas (Leichte Klaviersonaten).
Listeners, performers, teachers, and musicologists will discover untapped riches in these expressive and historically important works, played on this recording on four contrasting historical keyboards.

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TÜRK, D.G.: 6 Keyboard Sonatas for Connoisseurs (1789)
Daniel Gottlob Türk was a North German composer, performer, theorist and pedagogue whose Klavierschule remains a vital source for late 18th-century keyboard practice. Türk saw the keyboard sonata as the perfect medium for expressing the boldest and most experimental of ideas, and the Klaviersonaten Grössentheils für Kenner was his only collection dedicated to professional players. Symphonic novelties, exquisite polyphony and extreme contrasts of character and register are vividly brought to life on four historical keyboards from the Department of Musical Instruments at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

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