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Geelvinck International Fortepiano Festival


Michael Tsalka



1. Antonio de Cabezón: Diferencias sobre el canto Ilano del caballero. 17th-century positive organ (Mexico City)


2. Joseph. Haydn:
I. Allegro from Keyboard Concerto in G major, Hob. XVIII: 4. Andrew Kirkman, conductor, Musica Raritana Orchestra
Michael Tsalka, fortepiano (Rutgers University, New Jersey)

3. D. G. Türk. I. Allegro assai e con spirit from Kenner Sonata No. 1 in A minor, HedT.104.8.1. Hofmann original fortepiano. (Metropolitan Museum, New York)

4. W. A. Mozart:
Gigue in G major, K. 574. Hofmann original fortepiano (Metropolitan Museum, New York)

5. W. A. Mozart:
From Variations in F major, K. 613. Schmidt original fortepiano (Metropolitan Museum, New York)

6. Franz Schubert:
Impromptu in G-flat major, D. 899. Graf original fortepiano (Metropolitan Museum, New York)

7. Leonardo Coral (Mexico): “Constelaciones” for fortepiano (2011). (Kuopio, Finland)


8. Carl Philip Emanuel Bach:
“Hamburger” Sonata, WQ 133, in D major, Wq. 133. Alon Sariel, mandolin and Michael Tsalka, harpsichord (Amsterdam)

9. Johann Sebastian Bach:
Contrapunctus 11, Canon alla Duodecima, from Die Kunst der Fuge, BWV 1080

10. Domenico Scarlatti:
Opening from the Sonata in E minor for mandolin and basso continuo. Alon Sariel and Michael Tsalka (Stockholm)

11. Daniel Gottlob Türk:
I. Allegretto, from Sonata in C major,
HedT.97.1.1 (National Museum of Music, “The Shrine”, U.S.A.)

12. György Ligeti. Hungarian Rock (Chaconne, 1978) (Amsterdam)

13. Yehezkel Braun (Israel):
Toccata for mandolin, guitar, and harpsichord. (Picolla Academia Montisi, Italy, 2015)


14. J. S. Bach:
Aria from “Goldberg” Variations, BWV 988. Instrument by Sebastian Niebler (Berlin). From a CD recording for Paladino (Vienna).

15. D. G. Türk:
Grave e sostenuto from Leichte Klaviersonaten (Naxos/Grand Piano GP629-30). Instrument by Sebastian Niebler (Berlin)


16. Marc Lavry (Israel):
Three Jewish Dances, Op. 192 (1945).
A. Sariel, mandolin and M. Tsalka, Pleyel, c. 1900. (Mexico City)

17. Jens Vrå (Denmark):
Les Ponts de Paris (2014)
Megumi Tanno and Michael Tsalka. Collard & Collard, 1865 (Alkmaar, Netherlands)


18. Manuel de Falla: Nocturne in F minor. Recording for the Chicago radio, Myra Hess Series at the Chicago Cultural Center

19. W. Lutoslawski: Variations on a Theme by Paganini. Marzec-Tsalka Piano Duo, New York.

20. Johann Sebastian Bach and Sons:
Fugue and Fantasy. Live recital (video) for the Chicago Pianoforte Foundation
March, 2016, modern piano (one hour)

21. Manuel De Falla:
Extract from Nocturne in f minor
Live recording from the Chicago Cultural Center.

22. Prof. Paul SanGregory (Taiwan/U.S.A.):
Etude, dedicated to M. Tsalka. Live performance from Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan (2015):

23. Program for Dutch National Radio:
Interview with Paul Witteman and recorded performances on modern piano and historical keyboards (one-hour program)

24. B. Bartok: Six Dances. Sariel/Tsalka at the PHK, Amsterdam, live:


24. Live broadcast for Radio 4:
Extracts from chamber works by J. N. Hummel and M. Guiliani. Izhar Elias (guitar) and Michael Tsalka (fortepiano), Spiegelzaal, Amsterdam

25. Interview for Radio New Zealand:
Extract from Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf’s “Ovid” Symphonies (minutes 1-4)
Prof. James Tibbles and Michael Tsalka (fortepiano)

Live recordings from the Pooya Radbon Collection:

Michael Tsalka plays C.P.E. Bach on an original Pantalon

Michael Tsalka plays Cabezon on an original Italian Harpsichord, C. 1600

Michael Tsalka plays Mozart on the Maucher Pantalon

Michael Tsalka plays Bach's “Goldberg” Variations (aria) on an English Spinet

Michael Tsalka plays on an original Clavichord from Radbon Collection (ex-R. Puyana collection)

Michael Tsalka plays Mozart on a Berner Tangent piano (Tangentenflügel)